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Water – elixir and origin of all life – can cause serious damage when it reaches undesired places. As much as humans, animals and plants need life giving water, they are also under threat when water is able to attach the very substance of buildings. Moist structures not only promote the growth of algae, mould and other micro-organisms, they are also greatly affected by frost damage and unsightly efflorescence on the building surface which becomes visible through the leaching of minerals.

The capillary water absorption of water based coatings applied to building facades is a key problem. Water that penetrates through the pores and capillaries of the facade into lower areas can cause expensive damage. The permanent influence of moisture results in increased algae and mould growth, as well as the obvious aesthetic damage. What is more, the building structure is irreversibly harmed within a short time. A further aspect to be considered is the reduced heat insulation of damp material. This leads to higher energy consumption during the heating period.
The main objective is therefore to reduce the water absorption of facade coatings to a minimum, without negatively affecting porosity and breathability.
Living in dry houses means healthy living. We have set this goal with our Silsan® products.

Silicone water repellent additives, based on functionally modified polysiloxanes, help to keep facades dry. The active ingredient which provides the water repellency is able to cover the sides of the pores and capillaries completely, making them water repellent without sealing them. Thereby, the breathability of the material remains intact and the natural moisture level of th building structure is kept well balanced.

Silicone Water Repellent Additives

Reduction of water absorption of masonry coatings

Silicone Impregnation Creams

An effective and durable protection from moisture

Silicone Impregnation Powders

Rendering dry-mixes water repellent


Reduction of water absorption of masonry coatings

Impregnating agents for natural and artificial stone

Perfect all-round protection
for stone and floors

Silicone resin

The basis of modern, breathable masonry coatings

Silicone impregnation agents and priming coats

Protects your house from water, frost and mould


Defoamer, surfactants and much more

Masonry injection against rising moisture

Smallest work and material expenditure –
optimal effect

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