Textile Auxiliaries

We support our customers in the textile industry and in the production processes with a wide range of products.

The textile lubricants ensure better friction and sewability, as well as easy knitting and embroidering. We also offer agents for bonding, hydrophobing and wet waxing for yarns.

High standards of environmental compatibility and physiological requirements have long been a matter of course and allow customers to achieve the ÖKO-TEX 100 seal. Textile and yarn manufacturers are guaranteed the highest quality of their products in terms of appearance and workability.
Many years of experience and modern know-how are combined at Graf, because especially in the textile product group, the quick child of fashion, constantly changing trends require rapidly adapted technologies and new products.


We do not leave our customers alone with the textile lubricants: Apparatus, devices, test systems and service complete our offer.


We, Graf Chemicals, offer creativity and expertise that lives from high synergies within the areas and benefits the textile industry with sophisticated products.

Sewing Thread Lubricants
for winding process

Graf SL2 Application System

Lick roll system


Speciality Lubricants

Bonding agents

Water repellant

Sewing Thread Lubricants
for exhaustion process

Wet waxing lubricants for
knitting and weaving yarns

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